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The Last Supper, 2020 (Rotten food, readymade, abandoned church)


The Last Supper inspired by Dutch still life's is made up of rotten food displayed on fine China and ornate silver platters. Unknown liquid concoctions fill crystal glasses and challises. From afar the display is appealing and perhaps makes the viewer want to sit down and partake in the smorgasbord. When taking a closer look and once the aroma of the rotten food hits you the beautiful arrangement becomes a display of grotesque curiosity. A table set for six is accompanied with an appetizer of overgrown pantry onions and potatoes followed by the entrée, raw chicken necks and spines and the grizzle of steak. Rotten broccoli and beans come as sides with an offer of eggshells for extra texture. To finish off the dinner is the option of moldy bread, rotten assorted nuts or banana peels for dessert. The rotten food echoes the deteriorated church pointing out our inevitable mortality on a silver platter.

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