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Trashion (a sustainable fashion show), 2019 (upcycled materials)

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Trashion is a guerilla fashion show to promote sustainability to the public and spread awareness about the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and laborers. This event took place in my neighborhood, Clifton, Ohio- around the University of Cincinnati. With the help of the community, people were welcome to create their own 'Trashion fits' made out of upcycled materials including old fabrics, curtains, thrifted clothes, and other various materials. These outfits were modeled by volunteers who picked up trash surrounding the University. Sustainable facts were passed out to the public to create understanding and awareness. 


There was a lot of outreach when it came to planning this event. My partners and I went to multiple meetings and environmental organizations held by the University to learn more about what other students are doing to help the environment and to promote the event. I also was interviewed on my take of sustainability for a documentary that highlighted current sustainable projects in the community. The show was filmed by the crew and was included in the documentary.


What is sustainable fashion?

-Clothing production that uses organic cotton, recycled fabrics and safe dying methods.

- Sourcing garments from factories with safe working conditions and a fair wage.

- Reducing the amount of clothing in landfills by reusing and recycling fabrics.


$68 - The monthly wage for a garment worker in Bangladesh. (Ethical Trade Initiative, 2013)

1,129 - Death toll of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse (New York Times, 2013)

10 million tons - amount of clothing Americans throw away each year (Natracare, 2014)

What can you do to shop more sustainably?

Buy second hand, avoid synthetic fibers, buy less, upcycle your clothing, donate or consign your unwanted clothing, shop local

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