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Objectivity: The Art of Looking

final DSLR_22.JPG

It's All Just Wood 

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I spend a lot of my art practice exploring and looking. Finding myself in alleys, abandoned buildings, and dumpsters surrounded by the residue of people's actions. Archiving identifies these objects and their environments and points out the relationship these places have with each other and the people and objects that occupy them. By adding my own sculptural touch to these found objects I will give leverage and new narrative to these sculptural forms. The objects chosen compare and contrast with each other, like a glass jewelry box enhancing grim looking mushrooms or the organization of tires found on the side of a road. Collecting and organizing such objects explores the entropy of all things.

final DSLR_18.JPG

Tire Graveyard

I Made A Mark!

final DSLR_46.JPG
final DSLR_45.JPG

Indoor Plant Trying To Be An Outdoor Plant

You're Not Fooling Anyone

final DSLR_24.JPG

Angles For The Ordinary

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final DSLR_1.JPG

You Deserved More

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Plant It Where You Want It

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A Man Made River 

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final DSLR_31.JPG
final DSLR_32.JPG
final DSLR_43.JPG

Totem of Bullshit

final DSLR_42.JPG

Look A Little Deeper

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final DSLR_15.JPG
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To Those Who Don't Notice

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Unperishable Perishable

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