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still life, still life, 2020 (acrylic on canvas, readymade, abandoned church)
still life, still life studies entropy, an organized chaos. Although the image looks as if you have come across a disarray of things, these objects were strategically placed. All the objects depicted were found within the abandoned church they occupied. Many of these things were covered in dust undisturbed for years, including an old projector, stowed away blueprints and paperwork, an unfinished loom and seashells found in the old potato chip can. A composition within the still-life is represented through a painting and put back into the composition, creating a multidimensional perspective, as well as a photo of an installation of a painting of that installation. I challenge the viewer to question what they are looking at and the importance of the area at focus. still life, still life gives these forgotten objects a heightened reality. Turning once discarded trash into “things” with a narrative.

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