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a curated nature, 2022 (terracotta, brick, cement block, chia, aquaponic system, fauna, fish, found objects)

As an artist with an environmental agenda, I aim to sever the barrier and disconnect between human and environment due to our anthropocentric culture. By creating symbiotic cycles and activating the senses I recreate a simulation where I as the artist have a hand in the functions and curation of an environment and my involvement is not pernicious, but instrumental to the overall cycle of this man-made landscape. 

This body of work is not an observation, but a speculation of kinetic energy and relationships amongst life, macro and micro. I explore the ecology of human and non-human relationships through the study of growing organisms, flowing water, and the juxtaposition between natural and industrial materials. These elements become collaborators producing new events and encounters and in result, a continuous orchestra of art takes root. 

The tank in the center echoes the surrounding environment, giving the spectator an invitation to relate and empathize with the organism, in this case fish. Through this shift in perspective we can recognize these fish as other centers of experience. 

We then question our own existence within the room that acts as a tank and challenge the relationship and connection we have beyond the glass.

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