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Church Camp, 2020 (readymade, abandoned church)
When and how do we decide the importance of something? This comes to mind when thinking about capitalism’s effects on consumptive behavior. The rate things are produced along with the realities of junking them for newer things diminishes the object's status. Being materialistic is to appreciate an object for what it is, for being old, used, broken, fixed, or turned into something new. Through the thoughtful arrangement of objects found within an abandoned church I apply Jane Bennett theory of “thing-power”: “the curious ability of inanimate things to animate, to act, and to produce dramatic and subtle effects.” This stature arrangement calls for attention, making viewers analyze why and what they are looking at. Objects are the way things appear to the subject, once discarded trash found in the crevasses of a deteriorating building start to become animate when brought into light. To start looking at the world less as a hierarchy and more horizontally, we need to consider what perspective we are observing the world from.

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