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My name is Margeaux Lim and my work is about the awareness of our surroundings in relation to our environment and the things that occupy it. Occupied in a capitalized society we cherish some objects, and literally discard others. With my interdisciplinary practice I question when and how do we decide an object is deemed useless to us? What happens when we can’t get the next best thing? An object may be thrown away or forgotten, but this does not mean it stops existing. Through my art practice I focus on how we exchange energy and how that energy can have a symbiotic relationship.

I spend a lot of my art practice exploring and looking, finding myself in alleys, abandoned buildings, and dumpsters surrounded by the residue of people's actions and ignorance. Many people walk through life with a lack of recognition of their surroundings. As an artist with an anti-consumerist agenda I want to sever the barrier between thing and person. When we start to view life less as a hierarchy and more horizontally, I believe we can start treating our surroundings with more respect.  


A Stain and Tumble, The Social House Blink, Cincinnati, OH. October 2022

The Steel Yard Artist Residency Show, Machines With Magnets, Providence, RI. August 2022

A Curated Nature, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. April 2022

The Pineapple Part, Findley Market, Cincinnati OH, September 2021


Trinity, Online Exhibition ( April 2021.


Emerging Artists Exhibition, Summerfair Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. January 2021.


Lacuna, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. January 2020.

Vice Versa group show, Puerto Rico. July 2019.

PAR Projects group show, Cincinnati, OH. March 2019.

Talk to Me group show, OSU Urbana Arts Space, Columbus OH. February 2019.

Stages of Rot solo show, Tabula Rasa Gallery, CIncinnati, OH. November 2019.

Cocoons and Infestation, Art Walk Washington Park, Cincinnati, OH. October 2019.

Nature Morte, Art Walk Washington Park, Cincinnati, OH. October 2019.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum, Hamilton, OH. October 2019.

Public sculpture, Clifton Fest, Cincinnati, OH. October 2019.

Totality group show, 840 gallery, Cincinnati, OH. October 2018.

My Back Hurts group show, 840 gallery, Cincinnati, OH. September 2018.

Mind Over Matter group show, 840 gallery, Cincinnati, OH. March 2018.

Awards and Achievements:

The Steel Yard ceramic artist resident, Providence, RI, 2022

Society of Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) Award, 2022

Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Nominee, 2021/2022

Nominated and exhibited in the Emerging Artists Exhibition Summerfair Cincinnati, 2021

5 pieces in the DAAP National Conference on the Beginning Design Students (NCBDS), 2018. 


State Finalist of Governor's Youth Art Exhibition (300 pieces displayed out of 11,500 entries), 2017.


International Sculpture Center vol. 39/ no. 5. 2021

Art Hole, January 2020 publication

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